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Blessed By Goddess
Life Prayers 
27th-Aug-2011 01:30 pm
Blessing for Changes in My Life

The Goddess of My Being, I am at one with thee in this moment and always. I breathe in the sweet presence of the Goddess. I exhale the peace of the Goddess that passes all understanding.

Thank you, Goddess, for my dynamic, changing, evolving life!

I am on a mission for the Holy Spirit and I know that my path is made clear and safe. As this change in my life unfolds, help me to feel your presence and your peace, dear Goddess. Help me to remain at one with you during these days. I affirm that I am in the flow of goodness, that I am delighted with the way each day unfolds, that I am awake and aware at all times to all the good coming my way.

Help me to see all the blessings in this experience. I know that you have lessons and gifts for me, Goddess, in this journey; and I claim them now. I have a bottomless wellspring of hope and strength within me; I am lifted up higher as each chapter in this adventure unfolds. Goddess, you are in charge of a compassionate and loving Universe.

Divine order is at work in the world and in my life. I go forward in confidence, knowing that I am in harmony with a loving, miraculous world that loves me back. And so it is, Blessed Be.

Prayer for Prosperity

The abundant and ever-present spirit of the Goddess is within me and I am now in the Presence of Abundance, Richness and Glory. All that I am is one with the mighty power of the All Good.

In the presence of the now, I give thanks for all that I have. I am blessed to be here in this moment affirming my good fortune and the abundant and compassionate truth about the world in which I live. The Goddess is delighted in me and all that I can dream and perceive is within my reach and my Universe. I proclaim my prosperity now, owning my inheritance in the rich kingdom of my Mother Goddess and Father God.

I have prosperous relationships with others. I enjoy harmonious friendships and loving connections with my family. The Goddess in me shows up in my relationships to ensure a joyful outcome to each situation; my lessons are easy. I have prosperous health in my physical and mental body; I enjoy vitality and live pain free, with strength and clarity of thought. I have the capacity to do all that I need to do and more, feeling young and energetic each and every day.

I have prosperity in my work and feel called to live a life with meaning. What I do makes a difference in the world and in my life. I am valued and valuable and I have a clear mission to fulfill. My finances are prosperous. Money flows to me and from me with ease; I have more than enough. Unexpected sources supply me with my good and I am filled with gratitude.

My prayers of thanksgiving multiply the good that comes to me. I work with the laws of the Universe and live in a constant state of prosperity and riches. I am responsible and in charge of my abundance; and I make wise and insightful decisions about my prosperity. The Goddess and I are one in the richness of Life. And so it is, Blessed Be.

Prayer to Overcome Shame

Spirit of the Living Goddess, be with me now in my hour of need. I affirm that I am One with Thee in this time of prayer. My soul expands to feel your very presence and power.

There are dark places in my Being, Goddess.

There are memories, circumstances, and scars that are unspeakable to me as I come before you. Heal my broken places, Dear Goddess, and help me to feel my Wholeness. Bring me into the Light with You, Goddess, and let me feel my fullness of Being as a Child of Goddess.

I find release now through prayer and I claim all things are new for me. The Goddess sees me flawless and perfect now and always. I hold my head up high and know that I am a Good and Perfect child of Goddess.

As I do this, I am overcome with healing for any thoughts, people, memories or challenges that might keep me from my good, my peace and my joy in this life. Good follows as I walk with you Goddess, and begin to understand my journey and the path I walk. I am here today, whole and free, because of all that came before me. I declare victory over my past and I begin anew, refreshed by your Love and by the unconditional acceptance of You consciousness within me.

I know this is my Truth and I rush to meet my good. All is well in my soul. Blessed Be.
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